Spring Wheatberry Salad

A couple years back, I was part of a local CSA that delivered a box of fresh produce weekly.  After a few weeks, having loads of veggies in the fridge presented me with a challenge of making dishes that used several items at a time, so that everything got used before it was past it’s prime.  I searched a few spring vegetable dishes and found this Spring Wheatberry Salad on Epicurious.com.  Not only did it utilize a bunch of veggies, it was a great side dish or main vegetarian meal.  As I’ve talked about before on Carolina Girl Cooks, I’m a big fan of a vegetarian dish.  I add meat into my diet here and there because I’ve noticed that my body responds well when I’m getting a fair amount of protein, but if I had my choice, I’d be a straight vegetarian.  To me, it doesn’t get much better than a big bowl of veggies smothered in a delicious homemade dressing and maybe paired with a grain.

This Spring Wheatberry Salad is one of those great take-with-you dishes you can prep a day before and divide up into mason jars for an easy lunch option to take to the office.  You can eat it cold or room temperature.

Because I like to find a way to spin dishes into a way to throw a dinner party, this would also make a lovely dish to serve while entertaining.  Pair it with simple grilled fish or chicken and a light dessert such as the Champagne Berries and Lavender Cookies recipe on the blog and you’ve got an easy dinner party menu ready to go.

If you’re following the weight watchers smart points system, I’ve included them below.  Hope you enjoy this one!  It’s full of flavor and textures and incorporates the best of spring produce.



Jennifer Glover