Southern Sundays: Vino and Van Gough

Over the last few years, we’ve all seen the painting shops that have popped up where we can gather up a group of friends, a bottle of wine and test our artistic skills with the direction of a professional.  Vino and Van Gogh is similar, but with lots of different dimensions.  Marquin Campbell started Vino and Van Gogh in 2011, after she moved from New York to Greenville, SC.  What sets Vino and Van Gogh apart is, Marquin isn’t only providing a space where you can come and have fun, but where you can learn.  The class I attended last week with my friend, Kate, was a One on One painting class where Marquin showed us how to paint one of her original abstract designs.  This was such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  The class was small, just three of us, plus Marquin and we learned a few techniques for creating a really beautiful painting that I can’t wait to find a home for on a wall in my house.

In addition to One on One classes, Marquin hosts workshops where local and South Eastern artists come in to teach their method of painting, making Vino and Van Gogh an emerging art school.  Attendees came from as far as Florida to attend the last workshop.  It doesn’t just stop at painting though.  Vino also offers pottery classes, creations with mixed media materials, furniture revamping and jewelry making.

Marquin also has her own line of jewelry and paintings available.  You can find them at

If you’re in the Greenville area or visiting sometime, be sure to check the class schedule and sign up to bring out your inner artist.

Jennifer Glover