S’mores Pops: One More Recipe For Summer 

S’mores Pops are a delicious summer treat that can be made and enjoyed in minutes. These recipes will have you saying “yum, yum!” The ingredients are simple: marshmallow fluff, chocolate and graham crackers. And don’t forget the skewers to hold it all together! S’mores pops are perfect for any occasion- from an after dinner dessert to a fun snack on the go. Whip up some today with these easy recipes! 

How to make these little S’mores Pops 

I had to think a bit about what my favorite taste of S’mores Pops is. I guess it would be the gooey marshmallow, crispy chocolate and graham cracker combination! The pops are really delicious with just one bite – they’re not too sweet but also have enough sweetness for your sugar craving. They’re perfect for summertime because you know that’s when we all crave S’mores! 

S’mores Pops


  • 1 Marshmallows, bag regular sized 
  • 4 ounces Chocolate Almond Bark, dipping chocolates 
  • 3-4 Graham Crackers, sheets 
  • 20-30 sucker sticks, you can get these at a craft store 

Step by step Cooking Instructions 

  1. Cut off the end of a graham cracker and use it as your cover for the S’more pops. 
  2. Melt one bar chocolate over low heat in a pot until smooth. 
  3. Dip marshmallows into melted chocolate, then lay on top of graham crackers to create S’mores Pops. 
  4. In the microwave or oven, melt remaining bar chocolates with about two tablespoons vegetable oil (or more) and pour into a wide dish that can hold all cookies at once so they don’t stick together while cooling – I used an empty cake pan! Dip half of each cookie into the mixture and place them, either side up or down depending on when you want to eat them, on a tray to cool. 
  5. The next day, break up the S’mores Pops into pieces and enjoy! 

S’mores Pops

Note: this recipe includes making two batches of chocolate: one for dipping marshmallows in and one for coating S’mores Pops with. This is so you don’t have to dip each individual S’more Pop after it has cooled down (which would be really messy!). You can adjust the ingredients as needed based on how many pops you are creating. 

Tips and tricks to making the perfect S’mores Pops: 

  • Use a cookie sheet for lining the S’mores Pops on. This will make it easier to take them out of the pan and place them into an airtight container. 
  • Two batches of chocolate is needed: one for dipping marshmallows in, and one for coating S’more Pops with before they are put back into their original containers or made into pieces that can be eaten more easily. 
  • Place your oven rack so cones have enough space to cool without touching each other! 
  • Dip individual cookies at once so they don’t stick together while cooling – I used an empty cake pan! Dip half of each cookie into the mixture and place them, either side up or down depending on when you want to eat them. 
  • It is recommended to use a chopstick or skewer when dipping the S’mores Pops in chocolate so they don’t just spin around and make a mess! 
  • To create an even coating, I used two spoons: one for scooping up the mixture, and another for scraping off excess. I would suggest doing this technique after each dip if you want your S’more Pop’s coating fully covered with chocolate. 
  • Place pops on cooling rack that are completely cooled before adding any toppings because melted marshmallow will not stick as well to popped candy bars (plus it looks prettier!) 
  • A good way of knowing which ones have been dipped enough into the chocolate is by looking for the drips on the outside. 


S’mores Pops

We hope you enjoyed this little recipe for S’mores Pops! Make them as a fun summer treat or surprise your kids with these tasty popsicles. What’s your favorite way to enjoy s’mores? Is there anything else we should try adding in the next time we make these? Let us know in the comments below, and happy eating! If you’re looking for more dessert ideas, check out this Strawberry Clafoutis recipe and you can’t go wrong with it!

Jennifer Glover