S’mores Pops

S’mores are one of those ageless desserts that you can serve any time, any place and they’re going to be enjoyed by everyone. Even though when I think of S’mores, I typically think of roasting a marshmallow over an open flame in the fall or winter, there are ways to scoot around the open flame part of the recipe so you can enjoy s’mores during the summer or a fire isn’t available.  In come S’mores Pops.  They’re individually chocolate dipped marshmallows with a healthy coating of graham cracker crumbs that would be the perfect finger food for any party.

What I have these in mind for are football tailgates.  Here we are at the end of July and before we know it, school and college football will be back in full swing and we’re going to be searching the web for easy, pick up foods to take to games.  The best part, is if you have 5 minutes and a microwave, you can whip these little puppies up and be out the door.