Orange Vodka Soda

When I’m reaching for a cocktail that’s not wine, it’s going to be vodka. Unless it’s an evening after a long hard day, or breaking up season, so tequila is my man for that night. Since I’m trying to get fit again, I’m more keen on low-carb cocktail and I have found this crazy baby by a friend of mine. She invited me to a soda club on the other day and I was like “Wow, seriously? Blood orange soda!”. Well, you know, that sexy shade of orange. I can’t wait to share this recipe with y’all!

Low-Carb orange vodka cocktail is a zero carb alcoholic drink that is a great combination of orange diet soda and vodka. Simple yet a great change-up from vodka and soda water or diet coke and rum. Just 4 ingredients make up this easy punch recipe: orange juice, pineapple juice, vodka, and soda!

Let’s rock tonight, girls!

Jennifer Glover