Mushroom Leek and Goat Cheese Frittata

The more and more I warm up to eggs, Frittatas are becoming a favorite breakfast dish.  They’re a good thing to prep on a Sunday and eat on throughout the week, anytime of day.  The great thing about them is I can load them up with whatever veggie I happen to have on hand, which not only covers up the taste and texture of the actual egg (ha!), but also provides an extra serving of healthy produce.  One of my go-to Frittatas is a Mushroom Leek and Goat Cheese option.  The flavor in this frittata is AH-mazing, which I personally attribute to the goat cheese.  Why is goat cheese so darn good?!  I never tire of it and could literally put it on anything edible.

This frittata isn’t dairy free with the goat cheese and milk in it, but there are ways to skirt around the dairy if you’d like to make this more along the lines of Whole30/paleo.  After some trial and error in the kitchen, I found that you can add a couple tablespoons of homemade aioli to eggs to give them the creamy factor that milk would.  Plus, if you’ve flavored that aioli, it’s just added punch to the eggs.

Okay, lets talk about the leeks for a second.  Have ya’ll worked with leeks much?  The first time I bought them, I was sorta turned off by them until I learned how to clean them properly.  Obviously, they’re grown in the dirt, but the layers of leeks are quite compact holding a bit of dirt after they’ve been harvested.  I’ve found the easiest way to clean them is to chop them first and then soak them in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes.  After they’ve soaked, you can transfer them to a colander and rinse them again.  Soaking them will help loosen up a good portion of the dirt and it will fall to the bottom of the bowl.  Double rinsing in the colander should get rid of whats left.  Chompin’ down on grit is no fun, so definitely make sure you get those leeks as clean as possible.

This is a great dish to serve on the weekends for brunch.  Add a few slices of bacon to your plate and maybe mix up a Blood Mary to round it right out.;)



Jennifer Glover