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Earl Grey Hot Toddy Recipe: How to Make the Most Special Tea Ever

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like tea? I don’t think so. Tea is one of the best beverages globally and it comes with different flavors, varieties, and aromas. One of my favorite teas is Earl Grey Hot Toddy because it has a rich flavor that will fill your senses while you are drinking it.  

A hot toddy is a great way to cure what ails you, and it’s even better when you make your own. This recipe is delicious because of the honey that rounds out the flavor. The ginger provides an aromatic quality that’s soothing on sore throats, while lemon juice adds a citrus zing to bring back some vitality. 

Let’s dive into it! 

Step-by-step instruction to make Earl Grey Hot Toddy 

Earl Grey is the perfect drink for a cold winter night. It’s spicy and flavorful but not too heavy, so you can have one after dinner without feeling weighed down or sleepy. Plus, it tastes great with honey and lemon! Imagine a cup of black tea with a hint of citrus, honey, and lemon—now add some whiskey! 

earl grey hot toddy ingredient



  • Earl Grey tea bag 
  • Honey  
  • Lemon juice (squeezed from one lemon) 
  • Cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon for garnish 
  • Half a shot of whiskey. 

Cooking instructions 

  1. Use a mug and pour boiling water over the tea bags 
  2. Allow steeping for three minutes. Remove the teabag from the cup, but leave it in its sleeve if you want to reuse it later  
  3. Add honey or sugar to taste (we recommend one teaspoon of each). Stir until well mixed in with hot toddy mixture. Add lemon juice and stir again. You can also squeeze some fresh lemon into your drink at this point too!
    how to make earl grey hot toddy
  4. Pour whiskey on top of your earl grey concoction, stirring gently as you go so that it blends evenly throughout -or give up (whiskey is not just for drinking!)  
  5. Garnish with cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon before serving. Enjoy! 

Earl Grey Hot Toddy FAQs

What whiskey is best for a hot toddy?

It’s up to you! You can use any kind of whiskey. 

What is the best time of day for a hot toddy?

Anytime is good, but I recommend them in the evening after dinner or before bed when it’s cold outside.  

Earl grey hot toddy recipe

Do I need to put anything else in my earl grey hot toddy recipe other than tea and honey/sugar? 

No, that’s all there is! A little lemon juice will help too if you want your drink less sweet. There are no set rules on what to put in an Earl Gray Hot Toddy. Experiment with different ingredient combinations until you find the perfect recipe for you. 

Tips for making a special Earl Grey Hot Toddy 

Put in a few slices of lemon to make the drink less sweet.  

Add some honey for extra sweetness and flavor.  

The best thing about these drinks is that you can tailor them to your taste by adding more or less sugar, tea/leaves, whiskey, or citrus! 

a delicious earl grey hot toddy

Even more, if you want to make a non-alcohol version, just replace the whiskey with black tea and add a little extra honey. 

For an iced earl grey hot toddy, just put the ingredients in a large jar or pitcher over ice cubes to keep it cold! 


I hope you enjoyed this recipe. You know what’s the perfect combination? Some Pear Curd Tarts with Raspberry Glaze and an Earl Grey Hot Toddy. It will put a warm glow on your face and body, while the Earl Grey hot toddy soothes you with its herbal aroma! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions or requests for recipes! 

Thanks again – happy cooking! 

  Earl grey hot toddy tea on table




Jennifer Glover