Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Cooking with Squash blossoms is more common in Central Mexico during the rainy season, although you can find them almost everywhere in the country were people like to use them for the famous squash blossoms quesadillas and other dishes. According to Pre-Hispanic codices, Squash blossoms were part of the Mexican gastronomy before the Spaniards arrived …

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Black Lentil and Smoked Trout Salad

Canned lentils are a convenience item that merits co-star attention here. Serve this spiky-savory salad as a main dish or side. Hot-smoked salmon has a flakier, more “roasted” texture than cold-smoked, lox-style salmon, though in a pinch, the latter works just fine. Here, it can be flaked apart or chopped and then folded into the …

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