Carolina Girl Cooks

Carolina Girl Cooks is the brainchild of Jennifer Glover, launched in 2011 as a way to curate her culinary skills and capture the tastes and flavors she has encountered throughout the years. Jennifer travels extensively, nationally and internationally, and enjoys bringing morsels of inspiration from her journeys back home to her kitchen in Upstate, South Carolina. Inspired by these and other experiences, Jennifer crates artisan recipes blending many types of cuisine – always served with an extra dollop of southern charm.

The lavender tea cookie was the first flavor developed by Jennifer, and also the inspiration behind the company. The cookies are baked with the finest organic, dried lavender buds. The end results is a delectable, buttery, floral cookie that tastes just how lavender smells. The three following flavors were all inspired by some of Jennifer’s favorite herbs, fruits or edibles from the garden. The cookies are best enjoyed with tea, a glass of time or atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream.